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ideas|{ideas|thoughts}} and {words|phrases}|{words|phrases} and {abstract {ideas|thoughts}|{ideas|thoughts}}} {{completely|altogether}, but|but} {most|a lot} of description ought to {be|be more} {concrete|tangible|real concrete}.|{Learn|Know} the {term|duration}{ that|} you’re {interested in|enthusiastic about|considering|thinking about} {defining|discovering|setting}.} {Your {{{ real|} thesis|thesis} {statement|announcement}|thesis {statement|announcement} that is{ real|}} should {define|specify} the {term|duration} {in|on} your {words|phrases}.|{{If|In the event that} you would like to {compose {a definition|an expression} {essay|article} {which will be|that is|that’s} {lengthy and precise|precise and lengthy}|{compose|write}} {you|then you} ought to {choose|pick|opt for} {a complicated|a|an elaborate|an intricate} concept {for|to get} {a research|an investigation}|{You|Then you} ought to {choose|pick|opt for} {a complicated|a|an elaborate|an intricate} concept {for|to get} {a research|an investigation} {if|In the event that} you would like to compose {a definition|an expression} {essay|article} {which will be|that is|that’s} {lengthy and precise|precise and lengthy}|{You|Then you} ought to {choose|pick|opt for} {a complicated|a|an elaborate|an intricate} concept {for|to get} {a research|an investigation} {if|In the event that} you would like to compose {a definition|an expression} {essay|article} {which will be|that is|that’s} {lengthy and precise|precise and lengthy}|{If|In the event that} you would like to compose {a definition|an expression} {essay|article} {which will be|that is|that’s} precise and lengthy, {you|then you} ought to {choose|pick|opt for} {a complicated|a|an elaborate|an intricate} concept {for|to get} {a research|an investigation}}.|{Its {principal|chief|main}|Its} {aim|goal|intent|intention|objective} {is|would be|will be} to {define|specify} {the{ precise|}|the} term, {and {instead|as an alternative|alternatively}|and} {should|really 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